Plumbing FAQ

Plumbing FAQs

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We put together this list of plumbing faqs to help you learn more about the ways of plumbing.

Ho​w can I reduce my water bills?​

One way to lower your bills is to get a new, more efficient water heater. Tankless water heaters are great for getting the hot water you need right when you need it, instead of waiting for a whole tank of water to heat up. They are also better for the environment!
Getting a pre-season water heater checkup can also help ensure that your water heater is running properly and not costing you more than it should.

How do I unstop a clogged toilet?

Plunging is not recommended by A&K Plumbing. You can risk leakage from breaking the seal on drains or breaking the seal to the toilet. Call A&K Plumbing to auger the toilet.​

I have a jammed garbage disposal – what do I do?

To reset a garbage disposal if it is humming, push the red reset button on the disposal, located on the bottom underneath the unit, or use an allen wrench in center of disposal to unjam if no reset button is present. Unplug the unit first before using allen wrench. Plug it back in and check it out.

Next, check to make sure the power is on. If the power is on and the unit is still non operational call ​​A&K Plumbing​​​​​ Company.

How do I fix a leaky valve (i.e shut off valves, boiler drains, etc.)?

On almost every valve there is a packing nut (behind the handle). By opening and closing the valve the packing nut may become loose, needing to be tightened. Tightening the packing nut will stop the dripping in most cases.​

How do I fix an unstable toilet?

The seal is probably broken and this will cause leakage. The toilet needs to be shimmed because of improper installation. Call A&K Plumbing Company.